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Sarasota Wedding Photographer | Historic Spanish Point Wedding

Updated: Jan 12

Christina grew up in Sarasota as a rower, so Spanish Point was extra special for her. Although she ventured far from home to find her lover, Dan, across the pond, she always knew she had to come back here for her dream wedding & it was just that. A dream! Photographing a wedding at Spanish Point ⁠has always been one of our dreams too, we used to spend countless hours of the day wandering the trails & playing in the sunshine with our own children. I remember talking to Mike about how nice it would be to photograph weddings here one day as we sat out on the bench looking out over the Sarasota Bay. Fast forward to today and I can see the manifestation in action. They say your thoughts create your reality and this wedding was 100% proof of that. Its inspiring to see it first hand. It reminds us to focus and identify what you really want, and go after it. Time will deliver what you have waiting for if it is clearly identified. Whether its your dream wedding, the perfect venue, a prosperous career or just general health & happiness, the universe will provide.

Christina & Dan chose our most popular package, the "One & Done", full day photography coverage paired with one of our amazing photo booth rentals. Take the stress out of the photography & entertainment department with a full day of photography, complimentary engagement session, & 3+ hour Venice Photo Booth rental. You cant go wrong. Just look at the quality!